May 28 – International Hamburger Day: proposals to discover worlds

Did you know that our menu varies depending on the season? Our purpose is to modify our menu with proposals that incorporate regional or seasonal foods. So that you can delight yourself on this day, we promote these three proposals that come from our kitchens:

  • Buffalo Burger: For this option we use paprika bread, with pasture-raised buffalo meat, artisanal danbo cheese, smoked bacon, onion rings and a delicious barbecue sauce. 
  • BBQ burger: 150 gram pastoral beef burger, brioche bread, cuartirolo cheese, grilled onion, grilled bacon with organic tomato barbecue sauce. 
  • Vegetarian hamburger: grilled portobello, tomato tapenade, purple lettuce, halloumi cheese and a delicious turmeric bread. 

If these proposals tempt you, go to the place that best suits you.