We are B: we are change for our planet

To deepen our mission in the world, we join the business community that seeks to promote change in our economic system, with the aim of being better for people and nature. 

Thus, we begin on a path that allows us to measure and manage our triple impact (environmental, social and economic), as well as promote actions that have a great implication in the communities where we are present. 

Our good practices in social and environmental work is what made us start down this path: we offer products of the highest quality, respecting the pillars of sustainable gastronomy: nutrition, food safety, sustainable food production, local agricultural development and protection of the biodiversity. 


  • The meats in our burgers are from pasture-raised animals.
  • The vegetables are organic: we also use seasonal products to respect the cycles of nature.
  • Our dairy products are artisanal because we encourage the continuity of the trades. 
  • The eggs are free-range.

In working with our planet, we support the ''Zero single-use plastics'' campaign, and we begin to eliminate glasses, plates, straws, bottles and cutlery in the classrooms, achieving a reduction of 1.5 tons of plastic waste annually. single use. 

In that sense, we reuse our materials and work on reusable, biodegradable materials with actions that transform: the straws and glasses we use were made by @Bioconnection, a Work Cooperative of Native Communities of Jujuy.

We continue working on this path!